If video is new to you then you’re probably wondering why it is something you should invest in. Well, lucky for you we’ve generated a list of video production services and what each one can do for your company! So have a read below and see which one best ticks your boxes.

Brand videos 

Brand videos are a great way to showcase your company and your brands personality. Through video, you can effectively portray the way you want be perceived by your target audience. A great example of this is “We have a place for that”, the Avani brand film which you can watch here. The aim of this brand video was to showcase their amazing hotels in the true Avani style! This avoided those typical holiday getaway video, and every shot oozes Avani’s personality.

Brand videos are also a great tool for rebranding. When you already have an established customer base and you’ve decided to take a brand pivot, the best and most effective way to communicate your new branding is through video. Check out our rebranding campaign for DEXT.

Promotional videos

One of the most common of all video production services is promotional videos! If you have better prices than your competitors; seasonal promotions on; or a different campaign you want to shout about, a promotional video may be the right choice for you!

Promotional videos are all about sharing your best offers with both existing and potential clients. They can be great full length story adverts (around 90 seconds) but then, through making the most of your content, they can also be short and snappy 5-20 second videos highlighting the promotion. Check out the promotional campaign we made for The Inn Collection here.

Instructional videos 

Is your product or service slightly complicated to use (but totally worth it)? Sometimes a simple instructional video is a great and easy way to communicate how your offering works. It’s also a great post purchase customer service tool that helps reduce the demand for customer support.

Product/service launch videos 

You’re launching a new offering to your brand, what better way to announce it to your customer base than a product/service launch video!

When Tommee Tippee introduced a sleep range to their offering they contacted us to create awareness of their new product range. From this we created “For the love of sleep”, a showcase of all the new products in their range. Check out the video to see how a product launch can promote your range whilst paying tribute to your existing brand. 

Features and benefits videos

You’ve done a great job of making your target aware of your product. However, before they purchase they want a little more information, this is when your features and benefits videos come into play. On your product pages you can create short and effective videos that highlight the key selling points of your products. 

These videos are great tools to help push someone from the consideration stage to the purchase stage. 

Recruitment videos 

When an ambitious company is growing, they’re often keen to bring the best people to their team. A recruitment video helps you reach your prime candidates and showcase what working at your company looks like in order to draw them into the roles. 

Training videos 

Once you’ve onboarded those new amazing employees, you’ll probably want to streamline the training process. A great and easy way to do this is through training videos. Here you can showcase how your internal systems work, whilst explaining general ways in which the company works.

Talking head/testimony videos

When you’re pitching to new clients we’re sure you tell them how much your existing clients rave about you. You’ll even have written testimonies ready at hand to share. However, having your testimony on camera gains much more consumer confidence than a written piece. Being able to see a real person on camera speak about how much you have helped their business resonates much more than reading a couple of lines on your website. 

Animation videos

Finally, we come to animations. Animations are a great communicative tool. They can also be very fun and engaging. We find animation works best in two scenarios, the first of which is when they’re fitting to a brand. If your branding is colourful and fun and/or full on graphics already? Why not use video animation to bring them to life. An example of a super creative and fun brand that was brought to life through animation is this piece for the hotel brand nhow. A few concept pieces or art and renderings were transformed into this engaging and impactful piece. 

The second scenario where animation reigns supreme is when you need to demonstrate things that live video simply can’t. Fir example – explaining scientific processes. If you have a product that does something that is not visible to the naked eye, you can use animation to show your consumers how it works. 

So there you have it, a list of video production services and what they can do for you. However, here’s a little secret – what ever your video service needs, if you utilise your time with a video production company wisely they can create content that covers multiple areas. For example, why not roll your product videos in with your features & benefits videos? You can then maximise your content through cutdowns in multiple aspect ratios to use across all of your platforms. 

Think these services might suit you? Why not drop us an email at hello@thethirdaspect.com and we can talk through all of your video needs.

May Sweeney

Marketing Executive