Having trouble finding the right video production company in Newcastle? Use this guide to learn how to find your perfect match and nail your project.

Develop a clear brief

The first question is – do you have a brief? It’s important to write a brief that communicates your aims and expectations of the project. Include details on your target market, budgets, timelines and much more. Having a clear brief means that the proposals you receive should be accurate to your needs and fit your company’s brand. You can read more about how to nail you brief here.

Outline your goals

Define your goals immediately so you are all working towards the same end result. What do you want this project to achieve, and how does it fit in with your wider business marketing strategy? 

Share your ideas

What does the finished project look like to you? Discuss this with the video production company and use this as a starting point. It is important however to be open to new ideas, and to be realistic with what can be achieved.

Set a budget range

Your budget will dictate the quality of the end result. Lower budgets can use some creative ideas to work around the financial difficulties. Overall however, the more you invest the better the end result is likely to be. Video production prices vary a lot, have a read of our guide to understanding video production costs here to learn more about the factors that need to be considered.

Talk about what you don’t like

What companies haven’t met your expectations and standards? Why aren’t they the right fit for you? Having these conversations can help prevent repeated mistakes. This will also help shape the creative narrative and overall feel of your video. Going beyond previous experiences, think about video content that you do and don’t like. This will create a guide on what is going to work for your company. 

Check out your options

Think you might have found the right company? Make your way through their portfolio and ensure their work is up to your standards. Moreover, look into references from previous clients to see how their projects went. This will give you a greater understanding of the team you’ll be working with. At Third Aspect we’re proud to show our portfolio pieces with their accompanying client testimonies. Check out our shoot for Anantara Maia Seychelles and a review from the General Manager here.

Use this guide and we hope you find your perfect video production company in Newcastle. You can throw our hat into the ring – we love all things video and live and breathe every project! 

May Sweeney

May Sweeney

Marketing Executive