No matter what the industry, an explainer video will help present a product or service to a consumer. Here are a few tips to make sure your script hits the mark.

Find the tone that matches your company

Consciously or not, each company has a voice. This is often referred to as a brand tone of voice, and it represents the way you speak as well as your company’s personality. When writing your script use your brand’s tone of voice to reinforce your brands personality. 

Focus on what you want to say

It’s tempting to list everything you do well, but think about what your video is really trying to achieve. Get to the point, that’s what your audience is watching the explainer video for after all.

Start strong, continue strong, finish strong

You need a strong start to get a viewer to engage but that doesn’t mean you can go into autopilot once this has happened. Keep your explainer video interesting with visuals, as well as a solid script to keep the viewer focused.

Use direct language 

Whoever is talking should be talking to you. The language used should reflect this, e.g. “this is how you access…”. This creates much more engaging content for the viewer.

Make it bitesize

It may be difficult, but find the right balance between an overly vague outline and giving them absolutely all the information you have. Think about what the key things are that they really need to know. 

Highlight the USP

Has your company got something that your competitors do not? Shout about it! Explain that USP in your video.

Logo and call to action 

Make it clear who you are and how they can access the product or service your explainer video has explained. 

Keeping to these tips will help increase viewer engagement and enjoyment. There are so many explainer videos out there, give yours that edge. 

May Sweeney

May Sweeney

Marketing Executive