So you’ve made a video, posted it on social media and put it on your website – now what? There are many ways in which you can repurpose your video content, so here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Social media

You’ve most likely already posted your video on social platforms, so what next? Create written word posts discussing certain elements of your company that can be assisted by one of your videos. A great example of this is your company’s LinkedIn page with a post championing your offering – videos get great engagement and reusing them here can really get your message across. There’s no law against sharing your videos across different platforms, or multiple times!

Within a blog 

A case study on how your company helped a client makes a great blog piece. Accompany this with your brand video and the reader gets a true overview of what you can offer.

A teaser video

One quick 15 second cut down can tease a viewer into exploring what you have to offer. 

Make short video ads from content with a different purpose 

For example: a section of an explainer piece could be used to promote the product itself, and a customer testimony can be used in a shorter edit to send after sales meetings, etc.

A mash up video from various projects 

Have you been creating content for a while? Why not create a mash up video from various projects to give an overview of all of the things your company has done, and continues to do.

On your website’s landing page 

When a user lands on your website homepage, what do they see? A brand video could be the key to higher conversions – studies have shown having videos on a company’s website can be a successful sales tool.

On your website’s product/service page 

Adverts for various products/services can also be placed on their relative pages on your website, giving them a digestible overview of the offering.

Eye catching short clips 

Take a key 5 second clip from a shoot and write a promotion over the top for flash sales – this will catch a scrolling consumers eye.

Embedded in emails 

Use a flashy 5 second clip, or a longer form piece to engage with your email audience. 

Social media stories from content that has made its way down your grid 

Released a reel a few months ago? Why not post it on your story again to get that engagement going!

Make gifs 

Who doesn’t love a gif? A great way to get more people engaging and using your content.

Facebook cover videos 

Grab peoples attention through using your video for a Facebook cover video.

Continuous messaging through video keeps you at the forefront of the viewers mind for when they’re ready to buy. So why aren’t you repurposing your video content?

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May Sweeney

May Sweeney

Marketing Executive