We welcome you (and us) to our shiny new blog. We hope to cover a multitude of weird and wonderful subjects of interest in our industry, what’s going on in the world, trends, how to make your life easier with video marketing and everything in between. Our blog will also cover our work and what we have been up to… so let’s start a recent release of ours –  Avani+ Luang Prabang.

“Check-in to boutique chic in a charming heritage hideaway”. This was the sentence that powered a lot of the creative for this campaign. Taking the traditions from Lao’s Luang Prabang and mixing them with Avani’s cheeky charm we created a fun piece showing characters enjoying their holiday in this beautiful hotel.

With this not being the first Avani video we have created we knew what mattered most to the client and made sure to embody that. Using two character sets with different styles and personalities we were able to showcase different parts of the hotel and its facilities in a way that felt natural to each character.

When creating content we pride ourselves on the fact it is bold and stands out from the crowd. Therefore, this is not your average hotel video: instead brimming with personality, it not only informs the viewer but also entertains… and ultimately entices the viewer to visit.

Shot across 4 days with a 1 day recce, this campaign created not only a 78 second video, but also a 30 second edit and 4 cut downs for a multi distribution strategy intended to keep the video at the forefront of a viewers mind once seen. These cut-downs not only refresh the viewers memory of the full length video, embodying the feeling of viewing it again, but also focus on a specific offering the hotel or destination has to offer. These cuts were also produced in more than one aspect ratio to ensure full impact no matter what platform they are viewed on.

Travelling across the local area we were able to obtain some beautiful shots that really set the scene for this piece. We also had an amazing cast to work with who brought out their characters. It is always a pleasure working with any Minor hotel, and we certainly had a lot of fun on this shoot. So with great excitement we’re happy to be able to share with you the final cut!

We hope you enjoy and visit our blog again.


PS. You can find out more and watch the 30 second cut here.

May Sweeney

Marketing Executive